It’s the new luxury must have!    Spacious, attractive, well built homes that perform as well as they look.   Since Concord boasts a high performance school district, lots of natural resources and a very forward thinking approach to making the community sustainable – it only follows that new homes also perform well.   This lovely and classically styled home was built in 2019 by a well known local builder.  Working with an architect, he strategically kept an existing poured concrete foundation out of a landfill while bringing everything else up to modern standards and beyond.  Our clients will not only be enjoying their stylish new kitchen, open floorplan and custom  wood work, but also the comfort and bragging rights that accompanies a 55 HERS Energy Score.  Although the home is well over 3000 sq feet it will have annual energy operating costs of about $2600.00.  Should this young family decide to join many of their neighbors and add solar PV – they will see even better energy performance and enjoy the free clean energy year round.   We think it’s a win-win for our clients, the local community and the planet.  If you are thinking about buying or selling a high performance home in the Boston area – we’d love to help!